About me, Katjusablog & Money Maker

I am  young female, or a women (depend on which word you like most), in her 30es and  I must say, the happiest decade in my life so far. I am working full-time., I am not married but I live with my boyfriend, a father of our two-year old son Mark . We are best friend and family. We love each other, respect each other and trust each other.

Katjusablog & Money Maker is about  opportunities our world-wide web provides. Is about making money online, blogging for money with lots of great tips and advises on how to use web  to make some money online, how to learn skills that will help you generate residual income and I am sharing all the good things I have learned with my long time experiences as a freelance and blog writer on several platforms.

I am also participating at weekly photo challenges and am a part of a post a week.

I love arts and fresh articles!

I love people :) when they smile :)

If you are interested in my blog posts or if you would like to find some, click on the widget of all my posts in the side bar.

If you would like to contact me or ask me any question, please feel free to use this contact form bellow.

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